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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
4:58 pm
Online Psychological Study on Interracial Dating and the Media - Need Online Participants!
Want a chance to win a $20 Visa gift card? Interested in the media and relationships? You are invited to participate in a study examining media portrayals of interracial romantic relationships. You are eligible to participate in this study if you identify as African-American or Caucasian, are over the age of 18, are a current resident of the United States, are able to read English, and have access to the Internet. The study involves filling out a survey that will take approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete.  This study has IRB approval from Claremont Graduate University. Please follow this link to learn more and participate in this exciting psychological study. http://eval.cgu.edu/sbos/rws4.pl?FORM=InterracialRelationshipsandMediaSurvey
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
4:42 pm
MSN Survey
MSN SurveyCollapse )

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Monday, July 3rd, 2006
7:28 pm
Your Nine Names
1. Your Porn Name. [first pet's name, and current street name]

2. Your Movie Star Name. [grandparent's name on your dad side, and your favourite candy's name]

3. Your Fly-Girl/Guy Name. [first initial of your name, first two letters of your middle OR last name]

4. Your Detective Name. [favourite colour, favourite animal]

5. Your Soap Opera Name. [middle name, first street you lived on]

6. Your Star Wars Name. [the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name, first two letters of mom's maiden name, and the first three letters of the town you grew up in.]

7. Terrorist Name. [middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards.]

8. Super-hero Name. ["The", your favourite colour, your favourite drink.]

9. Cross-dressing Name. [the name of your current pet, and the street you first lived on.]

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
2:30 pm
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
11:03 pm
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
12:26 am
This or That
I just created a short survey, "This or That". It's different than the other ones. ;)

Churches or Cathedrals -
Castles or High, Modern Buildings -
Busy City Life or A Quiet Place by the Sea -
Feilds or Mountains -
Rain or Sun -
Crowdy or Deserted -
Curtains or Blinds -
Classic or Modern -
Cherry or Mint -
Chocolate or Strawberry -
Fruit or Vegetables -
Scent or No Scent -
Warm Scents or Cool Scents -
Photographs or Paintings -
Music or Books -
Movies or Dance -
Nerd/Smart or Popular/Outgoing -
Alone or a Social Butterfly -
Slow Dance or Crazy, Passionate Dance -
Writing or Reading -
Silver or Gold -
Noisy or Silent -
Colourful or Neutral -
Tragic Ending or Happy Ending -

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
6:04 pm
A survey about psychic abilities and everything else in between!
Psychic Terminology:
Psychic ~ Power to tell the future and present and sometimes past as well!
Clairvoyant ~ Someone who can see beyond "bounadries" of his/her physical senses.
Medium ~ Able to make contact with souls of spirits and people have passed on. They also can channel spirits as well.
Empath~The ability to know someone else's emotions psychically, during normal conversation and at a distance. Body language and tone of voice are not empathy, only psychic perceptions.
Channeling/Channeler ~ People who channel information from an extra sensory source like a spirit guide.
Ever been read by a psychic/clairvoyant/tarot reader/empath/medium/dream interpretation/palm reading etc.?

If yes, what reading did you get?

Have you ever tried to strengthen your sixth sense?

If yes, how?

If no, do you think there is a sixth sense?

Why or why not?

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?

What all happened?

If you're "gifted" and taking this survey, how did you know that you had an ability

Do you believe in witchcraft/magic?

Have you ever done a spell?

If so, did anything 3 times as good or 3 times as bad happen to you?

Has anyone ever put a spell on you?

What happened?

How did you know that someone put a spell on you?

Do you meditate?

How often do you meditate?

Have you ever meditated and found out who you were in a past life?

Have you meditated and met your spirit guide?

Do you believe in channeling?

Why or why not?

Are psychics real?

How can you tell when a psychic is "a fake"? Do you think it's right for psychics to charge?

Are psychics online real?

Is a reading better online, on the phone, or in person?

Was Miss Cleo a fraud or a true psychic?

Do you think psychics etc. are against God?

What do you think of the religions Wiccan and Paganism?

Do you believe that dreams can predict our future?

Is there such a thing as "healing"?

Have you ever been "healed"?
5:56 pm
Crush survey
-how many people do you have a crush on?


-why do you like that person?

-what would be your ideal way of falling in love?

-has this ever happened to you?

-do any people you like know that you like them?

-do you always like a bunch of people at the same time?

-what movie/tv/book character do you wish was real?

-what celebrities do you think are hot?

-what celebrity do you look up to?

-have you ever loved someone that died that wasn't a relative?

-do you always like the same type of person?

-what's the most important quality in a friend?

-do you feel any of your friends understand you more than others?

-have you ever been friends with someone and realized you liked them more than friends?

-how about the other way around?

-do you have more guy friends or girl friends?

-have you ever been to your crush's house?

-how about the other way around?

-have you ever liked any one of the same sex?

-have you ever told anyone other than a relative that you love them?

-has anyone ever told you they love you other than a relative?

-have you ever liked someone and then just suddenly realized you didn't?

-since this survey is for single people, why aren't you dating anyone that you like?

-do any of your friends ever completely annoy you?

-do you ever feel left out?

-do you ever feel your friends do things to intentionally hurt you?

-do you ever do things to intentionally hurt them?

-do fights really make any kind of relationship stronger?
5:52 pm
Wedding survey
Bride & Groom's Name:


Date of Engagement:

Wedding Date:

Wedding Party:

Bride's Parents:

Groom's Parents:

Wedding Colors:

DId you write your own vows (or if you are engaged, do guys plan on writing your own vows?)?

Do you think you guys will get a divorce later in life?

Where will you be going on your honeymoon?

Will this be your first marriage?

Will this also be your partner's first marriage?

What is your opinion on gay marriage/gay unions?

What is your opinion on marriage in general?

How long were you two together before marriage popped in?

How did you guys meet?

What is/was your first song you danced to?

Did you have any other kinds of dances? If yes, what were they?

Where did you get married at? If you are engaged, where do you want to get married at?

What was your wedding cake like?

What food was served at the reception?

If you are engaged, is your ring a diamond or cubic zinconian?

What color are your wedding bands?

BRIDE TO BE: Post a picture of your dream wedding dress here.

BRIDE: Post picture of you in your dress! :-)

If you had your wedding already, how did it go?

Was it what you hoped it would be?

Was it a dream come true?

What was the theme of your wedding?

If you're engaged, what do you want the theme to be?

What is some of you and your partner's songs or songs that remind you of each other?

Were there any people against your wedding/union?

Why did you marry this person?

Think back to when you were a child...what did you dream your wedding to be like?

Did you guys move in before you were married or engaged?

What do you predict for the next generation on their relationships and weddings (like will the divorce rate increase, decrease, will their be open marriages, will their be gay marriages etc.)?
5:50 pm
Cartoon survey
Bold the cartoons you like, underline the cartoons you dislike
Actually I'm totally rebelling against the rules, and making my own up for me. I'm gonna BOLD if I like it. ITALICS if I don't. UNDERLINE if it's okay OR i don't have an opinion on it.

Rocket Power
Fairly Oddparents
All-Grown Up
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Looney Toons
Earthworm Jim
Family Guy
2 stupid dogs
Code Name: Kids Next Door
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
The Brak Show
Wild Tornberry's
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
I Am Weasel
Hey Arnold
Spongebob Squarepants
Road Rovers
Lilo and Stich the series
Ah! Real Monsters
Charlie Brown and Snoopy
My Little Ponies
Tarzan the series
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Rollie Pollie Ollie
Kim Possible
Time Squad
Mucha Lucha
Men In Black the series
Ozzy and Drix
Batman Beyond
The Batman
Super Friends
Justice League
Sheep in the Big City
Wacky Racers
Woody-Wood Pecker
Felix the Cat
Hong Kong Pooey
Jaber Jaw
Scooby Doo, where are you?
Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Denver the Last Dinosaur
The Flintstones
The Jetsons
Dino Babies
Strawberry Shortcake
Dexters Labratory
Samurai Jack
Teen Titens
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
Ren and Stimpy
The Adventures of Tin-Tin
Archies Weird Mysteries
Gummi Bears
Rescue Rangers
Tom and Jerry
Powerpuff Girls
Atomic Betty
My Life as a Teenage robot
Duck Dodgers
Darkwing Duck
American Dragon: Jake Long
Tiny Toon Adventures
Baby Looney Tunes
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Johnny Quest
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
Garfield and Friends
Yogi Bear
Josie and the Pussycats.
Static Shock
Totally Spys
Fantastic Four
Secret Squrril
Captain Planet
Mighty Mouse
Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo -
A Pup named Scooby Doo
The New Scooby Doo Movies
Rescue Heros
What's New Scooby Doo?
Cow and Chicken
Ed, Edd and Eddy
The Little mermaid the series
101 Dalmations the series
Timon and Pumba
The new Doug
Disney's House of Mouse
Mickey Mouse Works
Dave the Barbarian
Swat Cats
Pinky and the Brain
Mega XLR
Tom and Jerry Kids and Friends
Tex Avery Show
Flintstone Kids
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (old)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (new)
Back to the future the animated series
Time Squad
Dora the Explorer
Papa Beaver's Storytime
Mike, Lou and Og
King of the Hill
Alvin and the Chimpmunnks
Beast Wars
Captain Caveman
Fat Albert
Johnny Bravo
Inspector Gadget
Schoolhouse Rock
Rocko's Modern Life
The Tick
Pink Panther
Roadrunner Show
Sylvester and Tweety Show
Invader Zim
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Winx Club
Courage the Cowardly Dog
5:44 pm
Single People Survey
1) How long have you been single?

2) How many, if any, exs do you have?

3) Do your friends who are dating tell you how lucky you are because being single is so much better?

4) If yes to the last question, does that make you want to choke them?

5) Do you feel free and empowered when single, or depressed and ugly?

6) Do you flirt normally?

7) Do you feel as if you should be dating?

8) What things can you do more of now than when you were dating?

9) Have you ever tried blind dating?

10) Ever tried personal ads of any type to find a mate?

11) Does your mother try to set you up on dates?

12) Do you plan on ever getting married?

13) What are the pros of being single?

14) Do you find there is more time for your friends and family when you are single?

15) Do your friends ever pressure you to date?
Monday, April 10th, 2006
12:23 am
Childbirth survey.
Hello! I am doing research for a term paper on homebirth versus hospital birth and would very much appreciate some help from you! All you have to do is fill out this very brief survey:

First, just for statistical purposes:
1. Age:
2. Gender:
3. Location (just the country or region's fine):

Now, the survey itself:
1. What does the phrase "homebirth" mean to you?
2. What does the phrase "hospital birth" mean to you?
3. Have you or has anyone you know given birth in a hospital? What was the experience like?
4. Have you or has anyone you know given birth at home? What was the experience like?
5. If niether you nor anyone you know has ever given birth, where do you think you or they would?
6. Which do you think is the safer option? Why?
7. What would influence your choice of either option?
8. What would be your concerns about either option?
9. Who do you think would provide better care, a doctor or a midwife? Why?

Comments will be screened for the privacy of commentors, but if you'd like your reply to be public feel free to make note of it and I'll unscreen it.

Thank you very very very very much anyone and everyone who chooses to help me out with this. If you could please direct other people this way, I'd really appreciate that too. It's a very informal survey, but it'd definately help to get as wide a sampling as possible, ne? Thank you!

Crossposted to: my journal, _____surveys, _homeworkhelp_, blank___surveys, childcaregivers, college_help, healthtalk, hellpaso, homework_help, naturalbirth, nerdies, ninemonthwait, parenting, parenting101, preg_teencenter, pregnanthubbies, public_health, surveys, teenmommies2, texas_moms, thesurveyplace, unique_surveys, vbac_birth, and young__mamas. I tried to only select journals which this was within the rules of, but if I somehow missed one, I'm very sorry. And I'm also very sorry about the extreme mess for any other person who might belong to every single one of those communities.

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
2:33 pm
Has this community died? Say it isn't so!
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
10:45 pm
Think about it.
1. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone?

2. If a new medicine were developed that would cure arthritis but cause a fatal reaction in 1 percent of those who took it, would you want it to be released to the public?

3. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the body or the mind of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

4. If at birth you could select the profession your child would eventually pursue, would you do so?

5. If you knew there would be a nuclear war in one week, what would do? (you can't stop it) P

6. Would you accept twenty years of extrodinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you had to die at the end of the period?

7. If the person you were engaged to marry had an accident and became a paraplegic, would you go through with the marriage or back out of it?

8. Someone very close to you is in pain, paralyzed, and will die in a month. They beg you to give them poison so they that they can die. Would you? What if it was your father?

9. Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would want as your dinner guest? as a close friend? as a lover?

10. What is the worst psychological torture you can imagine suffering? (it cannot involve any physical harm to you)

11. You and a person you love deeply are placed in separate rooms with a button next to each of you. You know that you will both be killed unless one of you presses the button before 60 minutes pass; furthermore, the first to press the button will save the other person, but will immediately be killed. What do you think you would do?

12. Would you be willing to go to a slaughter house and kill a cow? Do you eat meat?

13. For $20,000 would you go for 3 months without washing, brushing your teeth, and using deodorant? Assume you could not explain your reasons to anyone, and there would be no long-term effect on your career. (you are not choosing one, you would have to go without all three)

14. Which of these restrictions could you best tolerate: leaving the country permanently or never leaving the state in which you now live? Never leaving the state in which I now live.

15. If you could choose the sex and physical appearance of your soon-to-be-born child, would you do it?

16. Would you be willing to decrease your life expectancy by 5 years if you could become extremely attractive?

17. If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly tell you what they really think of you, would you want them to?

18. Would it disturb you much if, upon your death, your body were simply thrown into the woods and left to rot? Why? Yeah it would, because...well, I don't know why, but it seems so careless...:|

19. Would you like to know the precise date of your death?

20. Would you be willing to give up all television for the next 5 years if it would induce for someone to provide for 1,000 starving children in Indonesia?
10:40 pm
Summer survey
1.Do you like the summer?
2.Do you tan or sunburn more?
3.Do you go on vacation?
4.Do you go to carnivals and fairs?
5.Do you like a beach with a boardwalk or without a boardwalk better?
6.Do you like to go swimming?
7.Do you have a summer job?
8.Do you go to any type of camp?
9.Do you have a summer birthday?
10.Do you spend more time outside or inside during the summer and why?
10:32 pm
I know some of you hard core survey people might have seen this before. but its kind of unique
1. Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you can see?:
2. What is the most beautiful thing you can't see?:
3. Take a deep breath. Yawn deeply. Do you appreciate the things most people take for granted? Like breathing?:
4. Do you appreciate breathing more when you have a cold and you're all congested and can't breathe right?:
5. Do you think that if you never got congested you would never fully be able to appreciate breathing?:
6. How is your life like a work of art?:
7. Have you ever noticed that your life influences and is influenced by so many other lives?:
8. Has a smile ever made all the difference in the world to you?:
9. Have you ever looked at a tree and considered how the roots could be miles long, trailing and entwining with other roots underground, all of them holding the soil together?:
10. Do you notice the little things in life?:
11. Were you aware that deep down, underneath all of our individual personalities we are all the same?: 12. Do you feel a great oneness with the universe?:
13. When was the last time you decided to really enjoy yourself?:
14. When was the last time you set yourself free and acted without caring at all what someone else thought?:
15. Have you ever held someone and appreciated how delicate and fragile all life is and felt that they were even more precious and beautiful because one day they would die...and so will you?:
16. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone, but you can't see them because they are ten years away. Ever look at life like that?:.
17. When was the last time you: *Soaked in a bubble bath: *Read a good book outside: *Felt truly joyful: 18. What do you bring to this world that no one else can?:
19. Have you ever thought that maybe you were part of every living thing in this world and that all those things are part of you?: 20. Are you more afraid of death or not completely living?:
21. What was the last thing you wanted to do but didn't or couldn't do?: 22. Why don't you try and do that thing now?:
23. What is the most wonderful thing happening right now in the world?:
24. Name 7 things going on around you that you normally wouldn't notice:
25. Name three things you hate:
26. Name one GOOD thing about each of those 3 things you hate:
27. If you can't answer question
26 it is because you are limiting yourself by catagorizing things in a black and white way.
28. Admit seven things you do that you are ashamed of but shouldn't be.
29. What qualities would you like to have as a person? List as many as you can:
30. How can you achieve these qualities?:
31. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve these qualities? Why or why not?:
32. Name one bad quality about someone you love:
33. Name one good quality about someone you hate:
34. Are you pro life or pro choice and why?:
35. Try this. If you are pro life write a reason for being pro choice. If you are pro choice write a reason for being pro life:
36. Can you see the beauty in: *A bumble bee: *A tissue box: *Yourself naked: *Light:
37. What are you most afraid of?:
38. Who's life would you REALLY NOT want to ever have
39. Try and come up with 3 reasons why you would want their life, even if it's difficult and hard to think of any:
40. Name one thing that is:
*Beautiful about your body:
*Ugly about your body:
*Beautiful about your mind:
*Ugly about your mind:
10:26 pm
Acronym Survey
Directions: Make up a sentence out of the five letters given to you. (Ex: C A T ~ Cat Ate Tuna.)
A E M C I ~
B F N D H ~
U I A W M ~
S P I W Y ~
G J L S P ~
W I L K M ~
B H C L F ~
E D Q U Y ~
H J M K N ~
K O Q R T ~
Q L P T E ~
C H I N A ~
K A T I E ~
F R E A K ~
B R O D Y ~
J E N N Y ~
X U L T J ~
D V R M O ~
A L T E C ~
O E N D O ~
8:43 pm
5 senses

1% : what color are your eyes:
2% : what color were they when you were born:
3% : what color are your lashes:
4% : do you have bigger pupils than others or smaller:
5% : have you ever counted the number of times you blink in a second:
6% : do you wear contacts:
7% : do you wear glasses:
8% : did you ever have eye surgery:
9% : what was the last thing that poked you in the eye:
10% : can you touch your eyes without finching or does it just gross you out:
11% : how often do you look into people's eyes when you talk:
12% : what's your favorite eye color:
13% : do you ever just go up to someone and look into their eyes because you want to know their eye color:
14% : do you wear sunglasses often:
15% : what eye color do you wish you had:
16% : can you cross your eyes:
17% : do you roll your eyes constantly:
18% : what's your favorite color:
19% : what's the prettiest season and why:
20% : who's the hottest or cutest person you ever saw:
21% : what was the last thing you read (bookwise):
22% : who was the last person you wanted to see:
23% : what was the last thing you watched on tv:
24% : do you read the newspaper much:
25% : do you read magazines much:
26% : do you read much in general:
27% : what's the first thing you see if you look over past your computer:
28% : did you ever see it hailing:
29% : don't you hate it when you have sleep in your eyes (like the crusty crap):
30% : close your eyes. (after you read the whole question, dumbie) are there lights still in your lids with the dark?
31% : can you sleep with a light on:
32% : how light is it outside:
33% : can you roll your eyes into the back of your head:


1% : do you like your ears:
2% : do have them pierced:
3% : how many times:
4% : what's your favorite sound:
5% : what's the worst noise in the world:
6% : are you listening to any music:
7% : what do you hear around you:
8% : what's your favorite song: .
9% : can you wiggle your ears:
10% : when was the last night you stuck your fingers in your ears so you couldn't hear something and why:
11% : do your ears have attached lopes or unattached: Lobes.
12% : do your ears get red when your embarassed or any other emotion roars through your body:
13% : what was the last thing someone said to you:
14% : is it annoying to get that ringing noise in there:
15% : do you hear voices in your head:
16% : what was the last thing you heard that you rather you didn't:
17% : what was the last thing you wanted to hear, but never heard it:
18% : what was the last piece of advice you were given:
19% : did you ever put a rubber band around your ear:
20% : go and open the door to outside and what's the first thing you hear:


1% : do you ever stop talking:
2% : who did you talk to last:
3% : what was the last thing you said:
4% : did you brush your teeth today:
5% : how many times to you usually:
6% : who are you talking with now:
7% : who do you wish you were talking to:
8% : who was the last person to call you:
9% : who was the last person you called:
10% : who was the last person to IM you:
11% : who was the last person you IMed:
12% : do you talk to yourself:
13% : do you mind: No.
14% : what was the stupidest thing you said in the past 48 hours:
15% : do you sing:
16% : do you sing in the shower:
17% : do you sing in public:
18% : do you hum or sing while walking down the halls? (applies to students):
19% : are you outspoken:
20% : are you opinionated:
21% : do you speak your mind:
22% : how often do people tell you to shut up, jokingly or not:
23% : are you a public speaker type:
24% : do you stutter:
25% : how many languages do you speak:
26% : how often do you scream:
27% : are you loud or quiet:
28% : does your mouth reflect your personality on the inside:
29% : who has the coolest/sweetest voice:
30% : how do you get your voice heard and ideas out:
31% : do you often write letters:
32% : what was the last song you sung to:
33% : what's your usual greeting to a friend:
34% : what's your usual greeting to an adult:
35% : what's your usually greeting on the phone:
36% : what's your favorite food:
37% : what's your favorite gum:
38% : what's your favortie word:
39% : what's your favorite drink:
40% : is your tongue pierced:
41% : do you like tongue piercings:
42% : how about lip piercings:
43% : ever have braces, how long:
44% : do you have a retainer, for how long:
45% : can you curl your tongue:
46% : can you whistle, on inhale or exhale:
47% : do you grind your teeth:
48% : did you have your first kiss yet and with who:
49% : did you ever french:
50% : how many people have you ever kissed, cheek or lips:
51% : off the kissing subject already... did you ever have a filling:
52% : if so, how many:
53% : how many cavities:
54% : are you a lipgloss addict:
55% : how about chapstick:
56% : do you like the dentist:
57% : do you have all four wisdom teeth:
58% : ever have any teeth pulled:
59% : how about a root canal:
60% : go to a mirror and count how many teeth you have:
61% : did you lose all your baby teeth yet:
62% : if not, how many to go:
63% : what was the last thing you ate:
64% : current taste:
65% : do you bite:
66% : how often do you snap at people:
67% : are your teeth straight:
68% : can you flip you tongue over:
69% : can you snap your tongue really loud:
70% : can you pop your lips:


1% : is your nose pierced:
2% : do you like pierced noses:
3% : current scent:
4% : no coke sniffing, right:
5% : what about pixi stix up the nose ever:
6% : do you hold your nose to swim:
7% : can you flare your nostrils:
8% : do you have freckles on the bridge of your nose:
9% : do you think your nose is big or small:
10% : do you pick it sometimes? (be honest):
11% : do you push your nose to keep your balance:
12% : what's the worst scent:
13% : what's the best scent:
14% : what deodorent do you use:
15% : what's your favorite cologne:
16% : what's your favorite perfume:
17% : what do you use:
18% : does scent matter in the opposite sex (not as in they shower or not but their cologne or perfume):
19% : do you blow your nose in public:
20% : look around. find a random thing and and smell it. describe it's scent. and then say what it was:


1% : what does you keyboard feel like:
2% : what's the best feeling in the world (emotionally):
3% : what's the best feeling in the world (physically):
4% : what's the worst feeling in the world (emotionally):
5% : what's the worst feeling in the world (physically):
6% : what do your feet feel like at the moment:
7% : what do you hands feel like at the moment:
8% : what does your head feel like at the moment:
9% : what does your bladder feel like, especially after this:
10% : what do your legs feel like at the moment:
11% : what do your shoulders and arms feel like at the moment:
12% : what does your butt feel like at the moment:
13% : what does your neck feel like at the moment:
14% : are you cold:
15% : are you comfortable:
16% : where are you:
17% : who was the last person you hugged:
18% : who was the last person that pushed you:
19% : who was the last person that you pushed:
20% : when was the last time you fell over:
21% : does music calm you and your nerves:
22% : if not, then what makes you chill:
23% : what stresses you out:
24% : when was the last time you touched a doorknob:
25% : do you crack your knuckles:
26% : what's your current emotion:
27% : ever think you were in love:
28% : how many times have you fallen for the opposite sex:
29% : what's the worst season (in feeling wise of course):
30% : how do you feel now, after that long survey:
7:15 pm
Phone survey
1. Are you addicted to the phone?
2. Do you have your own phone?
3. Do you have your own phone line?
4. Do you have a caller ID?
5. What message is on your answering machine?
6. Does it annoy you when people call when you aren't home and they don't leave a freakin' message?
7. When was the last time you talked on the phone?
8. Who did you talk to?
9. Have you ever been prank called?
10. Do you ever prank call?
12. What is the longest time you've spent on the phone without getting off and who was it with?
13. Have you ever made up an excuse to get off the phone with someone?
14. Who is your favorite person to talk to on the phone?
15. What is your phone number?
16. Have you ever called your crush, blocked the call, and hung up as soon as he answered just to hear his voice?
17. Do you ever talk on three-way?
18. Do you have a headset for your phone?
19. What is the weirdest subject you've talked about on the phone?
20. Do you have a phone limit? No, I don't need one.
21. Do you have call-waiting? I think so.
22. Does it make you mad when you have to tell your friend something very important but you call him/her and the line is busy?
23. Have you ever had phone sex?
24. How many hours do you spend on the phone a week?
25. Do you spend more time on the phone or online?
7:13 pm
pain survey
BOLD the types of pain you've felt. Feel free to elaborate.

Getting a 1st degree burn
Getting a 2nd degree burn
Getting a 3rd degree burn
Breaking a bone
Cutting your head open
Bit by a rabid animal
Glass in your skin
Rocks in your skin
Lead in your hand
Broken Teeth
Broken Jaw
Sore Throat
Something in your eye
Cut with something sharp
Being shot
Broken Nose
Dislocated joint
Heart Attack
Stung by a bee
Severe allergic reaction
Losing a lot of blood
Been in a car accident
Busting your ear drum
Falling down the stairs
Losing a finger
Breaking your hip
Heart Burn
Bladder Infection
Severing an artery
Something caught in your eyes
Something stuck in your nose
In-grown toenail
Eyelash in your eye
Infected ear
Cramp in your leg
Foot falling asleep
Your foot waking up
Your arm going numb
Wisdom teeth removal
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