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Single People Survey

1) How long have you been single?

2) How many, if any, exs do you have?

3) Do your friends who are dating tell you how lucky you are because being single is so much better?

4) If yes to the last question, does that make you want to choke them?

5) Do you feel free and empowered when single, or depressed and ugly?

6) Do you flirt normally?

7) Do you feel as if you should be dating?

8) What things can you do more of now than when you were dating?

9) Have you ever tried blind dating?

10) Ever tried personal ads of any type to find a mate?

11) Does your mother try to set you up on dates?

12) Do you plan on ever getting married?

13) What are the pros of being single?

14) Do you find there is more time for your friends and family when you are single?

15) Do your friends ever pressure you to date?
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