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Crush survey

-how many people do you have a crush on?


-why do you like that person?

-what would be your ideal way of falling in love?

-has this ever happened to you?

-do any people you like know that you like them?

-do you always like a bunch of people at the same time?

-what movie/tv/book character do you wish was real?

-what celebrities do you think are hot?

-what celebrity do you look up to?

-have you ever loved someone that died that wasn't a relative?

-do you always like the same type of person?

-what's the most important quality in a friend?

-do you feel any of your friends understand you more than others?

-have you ever been friends with someone and realized you liked them more than friends?

-how about the other way around?

-do you have more guy friends or girl friends?

-have you ever been to your crush's house?

-how about the other way around?

-have you ever liked any one of the same sex?

-have you ever told anyone other than a relative that you love them?

-has anyone ever told you they love you other than a relative?

-have you ever liked someone and then just suddenly realized you didn't?

-since this survey is for single people, why aren't you dating anyone that you like?

-do any of your friends ever completely annoy you?

-do you ever feel left out?

-do you ever feel your friends do things to intentionally hurt you?

-do you ever do things to intentionally hurt them?

-do fights really make any kind of relationship stronger?
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