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A survey about psychic abilities and everything else in between!
Psychic Terminology:
Psychic ~ Power to tell the future and present and sometimes past as well!
Clairvoyant ~ Someone who can see beyond "bounadries" of his/her physical senses.
Medium ~ Able to make contact with souls of spirits and people have passed on. They also can channel spirits as well.
Empath~The ability to know someone else's emotions psychically, during normal conversation and at a distance. Body language and tone of voice are not empathy, only psychic perceptions.
Channeling/Channeler ~ People who channel information from an extra sensory source like a spirit guide.
Ever been read by a psychic/clairvoyant/tarot reader/empath/medium/dream interpretation/palm reading etc.?

If yes, what reading did you get?

Have you ever tried to strengthen your sixth sense?

If yes, how?

If no, do you think there is a sixth sense?

Why or why not?

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?

What all happened?

If you're "gifted" and taking this survey, how did you know that you had an ability

Do you believe in witchcraft/magic?

Have you ever done a spell?

If so, did anything 3 times as good or 3 times as bad happen to you?

Has anyone ever put a spell on you?

What happened?

How did you know that someone put a spell on you?

Do you meditate?

How often do you meditate?

Have you ever meditated and found out who you were in a past life?

Have you meditated and met your spirit guide?

Do you believe in channeling?

Why or why not?

Are psychics real?

How can you tell when a psychic is "a fake"? Do you think it's right for psychics to charge?

Are psychics online real?

Is a reading better online, on the phone, or in person?

Was Miss Cleo a fraud or a true psychic?

Do you think psychics etc. are against God?

What do you think of the religions Wiccan and Paganism?

Do you believe that dreams can predict our future?

Is there such a thing as "healing"?

Have you ever been "healed"?
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