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This or That

I just created a short survey, "This or That". It's different than the other ones. ;)

Churches or Cathedrals -
Castles or High, Modern Buildings -
Busy City Life or A Quiet Place by the Sea -
Feilds or Mountains -
Rain or Sun -
Crowdy or Deserted -
Curtains or Blinds -
Classic or Modern -
Cherry or Mint -
Chocolate or Strawberry -
Fruit or Vegetables -
Scent or No Scent -
Warm Scents or Cool Scents -
Photographs or Paintings -
Music or Books -
Movies or Dance -
Nerd/Smart or Popular/Outgoing -
Alone or a Social Butterfly -
Slow Dance or Crazy, Passionate Dance -
Writing or Reading -
Silver or Gold -
Noisy or Silent -
Colourful or Neutral -
Tragic Ending or Happy Ending -
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