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Wedding survey

Bride & Groom's Name:


Date of Engagement:

Wedding Date:

Wedding Party:

Bride's Parents:

Groom's Parents:

Wedding Colors:

DId you write your own vows (or if you are engaged, do guys plan on writing your own vows?)?

Do you think you guys will get a divorce later in life?

Where will you be going on your honeymoon?

Will this be your first marriage?

Will this also be your partner's first marriage?

What is your opinion on gay marriage/gay unions?

What is your opinion on marriage in general?

How long were you two together before marriage popped in?

How did you guys meet?

What is/was your first song you danced to?

Did you have any other kinds of dances? If yes, what were they?

Where did you get married at? If you are engaged, where do you want to get married at?

What was your wedding cake like?

What food was served at the reception?

If you are engaged, is your ring a diamond or cubic zinconian?

What color are your wedding bands?

BRIDE TO BE: Post a picture of your dream wedding dress here.

BRIDE: Post picture of you in your dress! :-)

If you had your wedding already, how did it go?

Was it what you hoped it would be?

Was it a dream come true?

What was the theme of your wedding?

If you're engaged, what do you want the theme to be?

What is some of you and your partner's songs or songs that remind you of each other?

Were there any people against your wedding/union?

Why did you marry this person?

Think back to when you were a child...what did you dream your wedding to be like?

Did you guys move in before you were married or engaged?

What do you predict for the next generation on their relationships and weddings (like will the divorce rate increase, decrease, will their be open marriages, will their be gay marriages etc.)?
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